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Boost levels of testosterone to give your athletic performance an edge.

T- Jack contains a clinically proven extract that acts as a natural anabolic hormone booster for men over 30 years of age to maintain testosterone levels. HALEO T- Jack is ideal for athletes aiming to improve athletic performance, burn fat, and build muscle.

Testosterone levels in men begin to decrease from their mid-20s onward. This is a major cause for decreases in energy, power, and resilience. Not only that, but testosterone depletion also slows metabolism and causes a loss in concentration and motivation. The combination of these factors adversely affects the ability to maintain a muscular physique and peak performance.

Bulk Sports supplements are made with the highest quality, but this product does not bear a TSP mark due to the natural plant ingredient, Tongkat ali. Tongkat ali is not a prohibited substance, but happens to contain a naturally occurring steroid.  Therefore, athletes undergoing drug tests do not use it. 

Recommended Usage
Take 3 capsules per meal. Use continuously for two months and then take a month off to avoid building tolerance to T-Jack.
With meals
Take 3 capsules daily with your last meal of the day.
Nutrition Facts
One serving (3 capsules)
Ingredients: vitex extract, gelatin, tongkat ali extract, coleus forskohlii extract, grape seed extract, zinc yeast, black pepper extract (containing piperine), crystalline cellulose
Volume:90 capsules
Serving Size:3 capsules
Number of servings:30
Main Raw Ingredients – Country of Origin
Vitex extractIndia
Tongkat Ali extractMalaysia
Coleus forskohlii extractIndia
Grape seed extractIndia
Zinc yeastUnited States of America
Black pepper extract containing piperineIndia
T-Jack Formula Profile – 3 capsules
Vitex extract400mg
LJ100™ (Tongkat Ali)200mg
Coleus forskohlii extract125mg
Grape seed extract120mg
Zinc yeast30mg

Specialty: Gluten-free

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