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Why you should eat pomegranate – 2 recipes to get you started

Why you should eat pomegranate - 2 recipes to get you started

Why you should eat pomegranate – The nutritional benefits of pomegranate – One cup of pomegranate only contains 144 calories. – It is a good source of fiber – It contains vitamins A, C, E and K – It contains iron and many other antioxidants Studies have also shown why you should eat pomegranate by […]

Organic Rice in Japan

Organic Rice in Japan

If you were asked to name a food synonymous with Japan, rice would most likely be your answer.  Rice is deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of Japan.  It is the world’s most important food crop ahead of wheat, corn and bananas.  Rice is a major staple for many countries all over the world.  But have you […]

EpiPen in Japan – Where to get a Prescription and How Much does it Cost

EpiPen in Japan - Where to get a Prescription and How Much it Costs

It’s scary enough to think about having an allergic reaction in general, but even more so if you’re abroad and unfamiliar with how to prepare for such a situation. What happens if you have an allergic reaction and your EpiPen has expired or if you run out of injections? Today we are going to discuss […]

Tokyo English Speaking Dentists

Tokyo English Speaking Dentists

Finding Tokyo English speaking dentists is one of the first things you may want to do for you and your family when moving from abroad to  Japan’s capital city. This can also be one of the most overwhelming experiences, especially when there is a language barrier. If you live in Japan’s capital it is important to […]

How-to Maintain Natural Feminine Hygiene In Japan

Natural feminine hygiene in Japan

Natural feminine hygiene in Japan is a topic we don’t need to shy away from. Have you ever suffered from symptoms of vaginitis, but decided to suffer in silence out of embarrassment or confusion about how to solve the problem? Vaginitis is very common and easily treated, which is why we’re here to help with […]

Kosher Wine in Japan & Five Facts You May Not Know

Have you ever tried kosher? Are you wondering where to buy kosher wine in Japan? Here are five points to enlighten you on these world-class grapes from Israel and where to get your hands on this amazing kosher wine in Japan. 1. What is kosher wine? Kosher wine is produced per Jewish dietary laws, also known as kashrut. It […]

The HealthyTOKYO Summer Smash Event Recap

HealthyTOKYO summer smash event recap

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s the HealthyTOKYO Summer Smash event recap! We were so excited when last Friday finally came because everyone in the office at HealthyTOKYO had been counting down for what felt like forever to our first event! The brand new HealthyTOKYO Not that you ever need a reason […]

Vegan Kabocha Squash Cheesecake

vegan butternut squash cheesecake 1

This recipe for Vegan Kabocha Squash Cheesecake is not only plant based but are delicately enhanced by the floral qualities of ginger. This vegan kabocha squash cheesecake also contains a combination of coconut and citrus for a fragrant and fruity vibe. A healthy dessert Ginger is a unique spice with superfood qualities and the star of this recipe. […]

Kale Coconut Bites – A Healthy Snack Full of Greens

Kale coconut bites 1

Kale is one of my favorite superfoods and I always strive to create recipes that are healthy and delicious! These kale coconut bites use organic kale powder from Denmark. The wonderful thing about this kale powder is that it is freeze dried no higher than 42°C so all the important vitamins and nutrients are locked in, […]