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CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree New Release

HealthyTOKYO, a trailblazer in Japan’s CBD and vegan markets, proudly unveils its latest innovation: the new vegan CBD Body Oil Yuzu Tea Tree, also known as “CBD Body Oil YT”. This superior body oil, replete with moisturizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties, promises convenience and care for your skin anytime, anywhere.

HealthyTOKYO x style table collaborate for Valentine’s Day

This exclusive Valentine’s Day collaboration presents a harmonious blend of HealthyTOKYO’s CBD gummies, a leading product in Japan’s CBD gummy market, and handmade vegan CBD chocolates. The sale began on January 19, 2022, and is scheduled to end on February 14, 2022. All products are domestically produced by HealthyTOKYO.

CBD Experience Lili

My HealthyTOKYO CBD Experience with Lili – Freelance Model in Tokyo

HealthyTOKYO’s new blog series features interviews with people who have used HealthyTOKYO’s products about their lifestyles and experience with CBD. This time, we talked to Lili from Sweden, who works as a freelance model and influencer in Japan. She makes her appearances in a myriad of media such as advertisements, magazines, the web, among others. […]

HealthyTOKYO My CBD Experience Facial Mask

My HealthyTOKYO CBD Experience with Shiori Nakajima – Vegan Stylist

HealthyTOKYO’s new blog series “My HealthyTOKYO CBD Experience” features in depth interviews with people who have used HealthyTOKYO’s CBD products. This time, we talked to top stylist Shiori Nakajima, who runs the vegan hair salon Whyte, located close to HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe in Harajuku. Based on the concept of Japan’s first “vegan hair […]

CBD sweets and food at HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe

CBD Sweets at HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe Daikanyama Now Available for Take-out and Delivery, Vegan and Gluten-Free Menus Available

Have you checked out HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe that recently opened at Daikanyama? Like our other stores, the cafe at Daikanyama serves gluten-free and vegan foods and beverages. Our menus are infused with HealthyTOKYO’s high-quality CBD oils, which are preservative-free so anyone can enjoy our premium CBD sweets selection without any concerns. You can […]

vegan sweets in Tokyo

Vegan Sweets in Tokyo

Looking for vegan sweets in Tokyo? HealthyTOKYO has you covered with two convenient vegan cafes in downtown Harajuku and Haneda Airport Terminal 2. Vegan cake & chocolate in Harajuku The HealthyTOKYO CBD Shop & Cafe in Harajuku is an intimate venue serving homemade signature vegan sweets and drinks. Here you can have your treats with […]

CBD at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

CBD at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

With the Olympics in Japan rapidly approaching, it is worth discussing how CBD at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will affect athletes. This article explores the potential benefits of CBD specifically for athletes, the regulations regarding its use in professional sports, and whether or not we can expect to see CBD used in Tokyo 2020. 

cbd for cats in japan

CBD for Cats in Japan – A Testimonial from Mr. Handsome

Does CBD for cats in Japan really work? We received an unsolicited testimonial from Eugene in Tokyo whose cat, Mr. Handsome, has reportedly become a less anxious and more affectionate feline after taking CBD oil especially formulated for cats he purchased at HealthyTOKYO. We think this is a “purrfect” example of the testimonials we receive from our customers and wanted to share it. Here is Eugene’s testimonial for Mr. Handsome.