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Bread made using a combination of five grains (rye, barley, brown rice, Job’s tears, and black rice).
Simply defrost the bread without removing from individual wrappers and enjoy.
Each package is 128g total (4 pieces) and arrives frozen.
Keep frozen.

Sold by Sugarlady, leading purveyor of natural and additive-free foods in Japan

About the product

This bread was made using a combination of five grains with great individuality (rye, barley, brown rice, Job’s tears, and black rice). The grains were cooked with rye sourdough and syrup. Using the resulting mixture to create bread not only gives us access to the grains’ nutrients, but also results in a bread with rich flavor and a gentle, soft texture.

The easy-to-eat size of the bread pieces (32g each) allows you to effortlessly adjust the amount of bread you serve to the size of the meal, and each piece comes individually wrapped for your convenience. The wrapper of each bread piece is printed with its best-by date.

How to prepare

How to defrost: Leaving the bread in its individual wrappers, defrost at room temperature for about 1 hour. How to eat: Once defrosted, the bread can be eaten as-is. If toasted lightly, however, the bread will become even more delicious. The length of time for which the bread should be toasted will vary depending on your appliance. Please adjust accordingly. Once defrosted, the bread should be eaten as soon as possible. Example uses: ① Turn the five-grain bread on its side and slice it in half, then use item #4108 (economical menkoro croquettes) to make a cute mini burger sandwich! After slicing the bread, lightly toast the halves to make your sandwich even more delicious. ② Cut an opening in the side of the five-grain bread and insert item #1151 (kabocha pumpkin salad) for a cafe-style treat.

Ingredients & Nutrition

This product contains wheat flour (Canada, America, other), grains cooked with syrup [(rye (Canada, America, other), barley (domestic), liquid rye sourdough, brown rice (domestic), sugar, Job’s tears (Thailand, other), black rice (domestic)], butter, sugar, yeast, table salt, powdered skim milk, whey protein, wheat gluten, palm oil..

Volume: 128g (4 pieces)
Calories: 1 piece (about 32g) 76kcal
Protein: 2g
Fat: 1g
Carbohydrates: 15g
Sodium: 123mg
Salt Equivalent: 0.31g


This product is not suitable for anyone with allergies to milk or wheat.

Other Information

The recommended shelf life for this product is 6 months.

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Specialty: Additive Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian

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Additive Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian

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