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French fries made using Toyoshiro-variety potatoes from Hokkaido, palm oil.
Product totals 400g.
Keep frozen.

Sold by Sugarlady, leading purveyor of natural and additive-free foods in Japan

About the product

French fries — a quirky misnomer as it originates from Belgium — are beloved around the world as a snack food. However, French fries purchased at fast food or even sit-down restaurants are often overcooked, undercooked, too salty or too greasy.

Making French fries at home allows you to fry and season them exactly how you like them! However, making fries completely from scratch can be extremely labor-intensive. That’s why Sugarlady’s fries come pre-crinkle-cut and ready to go – no need to set aside time to wash, peel, or remove the eyes from the potatoes!

These fries are made using Toyoshiro-variety potatoes from Hokkaido. Toyoshiro potatoes brown little after peeling. Because not much time elapses between when the potatoes are harvested and when they are processed, they are very starchy; and have a pleasantly soft and flaky texture.

How to prepare

Without defrosting, remove the portion of French fries you will be using from the bag, and fry for about 3 minutes in 175-180 ℃ oil. Toyoshiro potatoes sometimes do not brown much when frying, so please take care not raise the temperature too high.Season your French fries with your favorite blend of spices for an even more delicious snack! Cajun fries, garlic fries, savory fries…there are many possibilities! You can even break up your fries and mix them with salad for flavor and texture. Once your French fries are ready to eat, enjoy them with the traditional ketchup, or with other types of dipping sauces.

Ingredients & Nutrition

This product contains potatoes (Hokkaido), cooking oil (palm oil).

Volume: 400g
Calories: per 100g 98kcal
Protein: 2g
Fat: 3g
Carbohydrates: 16g
Sodium: 1mg
Salt Equivalent: 0.00g


This product does not contain common allergens.

Other Information

The recommended shelf life for this product is 18 months.

Origin of ingredients

Origin of ingredients: potatoes (Hokkaido). Prepared and packaged in Japan.

Specialty: Additive Free, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian

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Additive Free, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian

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