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Additive-free kimchi flavored in the style of the people of Qingdao, China.

Our Kimchi Value Pack, a new product that comes in easy to use bottles.

Made with coarsely ground red pepper and pickled to taste, the seasoning blend used turns the entire product a vibrant shade of red.

Keep frozen.

Package contains 300g.

Sold by Sugarlady, leading purveyor of natural and additive-free foods in Japan

About the product

Our Kimchi Value Pack is made from quality ingredients, including an array of healthy vegetables and a delicious seasoning blend.

Produced, prepared, and packaged in China, the red pepper and amishirokara paste blend adds striking and inviting flavors to any dish.

Great as a side dish or paired with alcohol, our Kimchi Value Pack brings out a pleasant acidic flavor to other ingredients it is used with, and it pairs excellently with vegetables, fish, or meat.

Rich in vitamins A, B, and C, kimchi is a healthy choice that also provides a unique, delicious flavor along with a satisfying texture. Similar to that of yogurt, its fermentation process helps with post-meal digestion.

How to prepare

To defrost, thaw in the refrigerator. Can be served immediately afterwards. As the product’s acidity increases with time, it is best served as soon as possible after thawing. Well-known as an excellent pairing for alcoholic drinks, kimchi is most commonly eaten as a side dish, or as an additional ingredient in hot pot or fried rice. It is also often thrown in udon, ramen, or yakisoba dishes for extra flavor and texture. For a hearty and invigorating start to your morning, add a few pieces from our Kimchi Value Pack to your omelette or scrambled eggs.

Ingredients & Nutrition

This product contains chinese cabbage, pickled raw ingredients (including radish, rice flour, red pepper, garlic, amishiokara paste (includes shrimp), onion, sugar, maltose, kelp, green onions, ginger, carrot, and salt).

Volume: 300g
Calories: 100g 64kcal
Protein: 2g
Fat: 1g
Carbohydrates: 13g
Sodium: 649mg
Salt Equivalent: 1.6g


This product is not suitable for anyone with allergies to shrimp.

Other Information

The recommended shelf life for this product is 18 months.

Origin of ingredients

Origin of ingredients: Chinese cabbage (China). Prepared and packaged in China.

Specialty: Additive Free, Gluten-free, Non-GMO

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Additive Free, Gluten-free, Non-GMO

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Kimchi value pack (bottled)