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Soy Meat 10 Pack Value Set


A value pack set of the popular soy meats! Choose 10 of the soy meats of your choice.


Made from 100% soy beans. Made by extracting soybean oil, which is then heated and pressurized, and finally dried under high heat. It has 1/2 to 1/4 of calories compared to meat, cholesterol free, and very low on fat, with as much protein as meat. Soybeans are high in fiber and minerals and 100g is equivalent to dietary fiber of 3 whole cabbages, soy isoflavone is 5 times of soy pulp or okara, also high in Vitamin B and Iron.


Just boil in water and enjoy the wonderful meat-like texture and substitute for all kinds of cooking. Variations come in Chunky, Fillet, Minced, Sliced, Wings, Small Shrimp. Choose freely to match your recipes.


Fit for vegetarian and vegan meals.