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Supplement with a powerful blend of micronutrients, multi-vitamins, and minerals.

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Muscle growth in athletes is not hindered by a lack of protein, as protein and amino acids are the most commonly used supplements. However, there is often an insufficiency of vitamins and minerals, which are harder to derive from the diet. Moreover, recent changes in diet due to changes in farming methods and soil quality has led to a decrease in vitamin, mineral, and enzyme content in food. Active athletes need to compensate for this lack of nutrients to maintain their strength for exercise. For this reason, it is highly recommended that athletes take high quality multi-vitamn supplements. 

There are many types of synthetic multi-vitamin and mineral supplements available on the market. However, the body does not react the same way to chemically engineered nutrients as it does to those taken from natural foods. This manner of compensation for mineral deficiency is cheap, but it certainly isn’t the best. And this is where VitaMax comes in. 

VitaMax Features

The major advantage of VitaMax is that it enriches vitamins and minerals from natural foods using an innovative technology. Most vitamins and minerals, with the exception of Vitamin D3, are plant-derived. These precious vitamins and minerals, and their excellent bioavailability have been studied for several decades. 

Research has shown that natural food complexes, which are incorporated in VitaMax , are better absorbed by the body than vitamins and minerals that have been synthetically isolated. In addition, vitamins and minerals from natural sources, such as those in VitaMax, remain active longer in the body than their synthetic counterparts.  This is due to the synergistic effect of  other nutrients in natural food, like enzymes and probiotics, which increases bioavailability. VitaMax is one of the few multi-vitamin and mineral supplements with naturally high bioavailability. 


VitaMax not only supplies the daily recommended mineral intakes, it also contains the healthy micronutrients that you need in a well-balanced diet. 

EVNol™ contains tocotrienol, which has been gaining attention in recent years as a  “super vitamin E”. It is a product that contains all of the existing Vitamin E types. 

β- carotene: pro-vitamin A that is derived from the Dunaliella salina plant. 

Bioperine ®: contains piperine derived from black pepper extract. Promotes the digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals. 

Probiotics: contains Bulgaria fungus to promote digestion. 

Also includes bioflavonoids, naringin, hesperidin, polyphenols, complex carbohydrates (beta- 1,3 -glucan, mannan), proteins, enzymes, dietary fiber, superoxide dismutase, and powerful co-factors such as the antioxidant glutathione. 

Recommended Usage
Take 4 capsules, 2 times daily.
Nutrition Facts
One daily serving (8 capsules)
Ingredients: lactic acid bacteria (containing Mg), lactic acid bacteria (containing Ca), bitter orange concentrate, yeast (containing V.B7), lactic acid bacteria (containing Zn), yeast (containing V.B3), lactic acid bacteria (containing Fe), dunaliella carotene, lactic acid bacteria (containing Cu), tocotrienol, yeast (containing V.B5), yeast (containing V.B9), yeast (containing V.B2), lactic acid bacteria (containing Mn), lactic acid bacteria (containing Cr), lactic acid bacteria (containing Mo), lactic acid bacteria (containing V.B6), yeast (containing Se), lactic acid bacteria (containing I), yeast (containing V.B1), black pepper extract, V.D3, yeast (containing V.B12), pullulan, crystalline cellulose, modified starch, (some ingredients contain dairy and gelatin)
Volume:240 capsules
Serving Size:4 capsules
Number of servings:60
Main Raw Ingredients – Country of Origin
Lactic acid bacteriaUSA
Bitter orange concentrateUSA
Alfalfa concentrateUSA
Black pepper extractIndia
Vitamin D3Japan
VitaMax Formula Profile – 8 capsules
Vitamin B12mg
(Vitamin B1-containing yeast 8mg)
Vitamin B22mg
(Bitamin B2-containing yeast 20mg)
(Niacin-containing yeast 80mg)
Pantothenic acid6mg
(Pantothenic acid-containing yeast 24mg)
Vitamin B62.5mg
(Vitamin B6-containing lactic acid bacteria 10mg)
(Biotin-containing yeast 112mg)
Vitamin B122.5μg
(Vitamin B12-containing yeast 0.5mg)
(Calcium-containing lactic acid bacteria 400mg)
(Zinc-containing lactic acid bacteria 100mg)
(Manganese-containing lactic acid bacteria 20mg)
(Magnesium-containing lactic acid bacteria 500mg)
(Copper-containing lactic acid bacteria 50mg)
(Selenium-containing lactic acid bacteria 10mg)
(Chromium-containing lactic acid bacteria 20mg)
(Molybdenum-containing lactic acid bacteria 12.5mg)
(Iodine-containing lactic acid bacteria 10mg)
(Iron-containing lactic acid bacteria 75mg)
Folic acid240μg
(Folic acid-containing yeast 24mg)
Vitamin C100mg
(Bitter orange concentrate 400mg)
Vitamin D3180IU
(Dunaliella derived from β- carotene)
(EVNolmax™ palm oil derived tocotrienol complex)
(Bioperine® black pepper extract 5mg)”

Specialty: Gluten-free

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