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Japanese green vegetable drink Aojiru


Taking more vegetables for lunch is the best time to take in essential nutrients your body needs!

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This Japanese Green Vegetable Drink Aojiru was created for all of us wanting more vegetables and the accompanying nutrients in our lives.

Supplements are be to taken over a long span, so naturally we focused on the best flavor, best product, and still made it affordable at a rate of 126 yen per serving. If you are looking to start on green juices, look no further!

Key Features:
Four main nutritional ingredients to this green juice
1) Organic barley grass: light and crisp taste with lots of dietary fiber
2) Ocarina barley grass: iron, calcium, potassium, and many other nutrients
3) Long-life plant (wild dropwort species): brings balance to the body with vitamin B1, B2, and magnesium
4) Ashitaba (Angelica species): maintain youth with polyphenol and chalcone

Carefully selected ingredients based on United States National Cancer Institute’s “Designer’s Food List”
1) Domestically produced soybean (soy milk, black bean flour, germinated soybean) : known as “Meat of the field”, about 1/3 of the nutrients are protein. Also includes isoflavone and dietary fiber.
2) Ginger: Gingerol maintains body’s health, vitamin B1
3) Celery: Dietary fibers, vitamin B2, potassium
4) Tea: High in polyphenols, catechin, magnesium
5) Brown RIce: Dietary fibers, vitamin B1, magnesium
6) Broccoli: Dietary fibers, viamin B1, B2

Well-balanced set of domestically-produced high nutrient vegetables
1) Leafy Greens
2) Daikon radish leaf: One of the seven leaves of Spring. Contains calcium, iron and copper
3) Spinach: Green-yellow vegetable leaf. Contains iron, lutein, and vitamin B1 · B2.
4) Root Vegetable – Burdock Root: Rich in inulin (a kind of dietary fiber), copper, and arginine.
5) Fruit Vegetable – Kabocha Pumpkin: Contain carotene, vitamin B1, B2, and magnesium.
6) Brown Sugar: Rich in calcium, iron, minerals, and copper.

Contract farmers strive to cultivate organic vegetables in Western Japan without resorting to pesticides
Produced from the bountiful nature of Kyushu: Barley grass, sweet potato young leaves, long-life grass
Determined to begin from the soil and using only non-chemically synthesized pesticides: Barley grass, sweet potato young leaves, long-life grass
Extra effort to serve fresh barley grass and sweet potato young leaves

- Contains / 120g (4.0g x 30 bags) x 1 box
- Ingredients/ digestion resistant dextrin (water-soluable dietary fiber), brown cane sugar, organic barley grass powder, sweet potato new leaves powder, soy milk powder (maltose, soy milk), black soybean powder (soy), starch, Peucedanum japonicum (long-life grass) powder, green tea powder, Angelica keiskei powder, spinach powder, celery powder, broccolli powder, burdock root powder, kabocha pumpkin powder, daikon radish powder, germinated soybean powder, ginger powder, brown rice powder 
●4.0g (1 bag) about/ Calories 12kcal, Sodium 0.0g
- Best if consumed within 2 years after production date (room temperature)
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For international orders, please contact us for details.
*Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, Okinawa and other isolated islands: ¥1,000

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